Sunday, February 17, 2008

riding, sun, sun burn, bla bla bla

beaches, jungles, aussies, sun burns, what else can i say that you dont want to hear?
you want more pics, more stories about nothing to do except riding?

well its kind of boring so i'll leave it up to your imagination.

today i rode a bit through a rubbish dump, it was lots of plastic bags in the jungle in the bush all over, i didnt take a pic, it was ugly.

there is a show here called bush doctor, i also will leave that up to your imagination.

i will leave you with this to think of.
i have not met this guy paul crake, but he is here in town, he used to live here and now lives in italy. hes was a road pro racing here about 2 years ago. he got hit by a car and now is paralyzed from the neck down. when you are riding and in the pain cave think of him and others who cant ride anymore. or walk or whatever and how much it sucks and then think of how much he would give to be in your shoes right then suffering like a dog.

from what i hear, he is pretty depressed and wants to end it all. knowing what he had, or what has been he has a hard time going on day to day. when one cant feel the urge to go to the bathroom and it just goes on its own with no warning.
days like that he said he wants to flip the switch.

i cant imagine what i would do if that were me, but if you think your life sucks from time to time then step back and look at the bigger picture.
i didnt meet this guy, but he makes all my problems look like nothing.

back to lazy days down under...

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I am Matt said...

Correction if you don't mind me making it. Crake was blown off his bike from winds in NZ during a stage race. Granted, it's the same guy your talking about. Either way it sucks. he also holds the record for the empire state stair climbing run at 9 minutes and something. Total sadness something like this can happen to anyone of us. Goes to say, live life to the fullest and have no regrets.