Saturday, March 28, 2009

i dont claim the prediction...but its pretty much kick ass

if you witness a local guy when hes 17 yrs old winning cat 4 races, you know hes got some kind of talent, motivation and work ethic. 1996 jeff wins downtown crit cat 4 in a last lap solo attack.

the past 5 yrs results speak for themselves, i dont claim the prediction over this race. i was hoping he could rip at a big race and if things work out i hope jeff can hold the gc tomorrow.
watching the cali tour with 2 big breaks to end in heart break, on tv its bad enough to watch, imagine being there turning around with a mile to go and seeing 120 guys ready to eat you up.

i also dont claim to make the guy fast, i meet up with him a few times a year, hardly doing anything. hes out 3-5 hrs a day busting ass to win, and 2 weeks ago we went out to finish up a long ride with d. lill,
climb up emigration in 19 mins, 400 watts 4.5 hrs into a ride is impressive to say the least.

or 45mph flat pacing at salt air while hes on the tt bike in the drops for sustained 5 mins intervals, thats scary to know if you let off the throttle one bit hes ramming your back tire and going down.

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