Sunday, March 22, 2009

planes part 2

sleep deprivation-- sleep on the plane, take a light blocking eye mask. if you forget, most airliners have them available. when you get there, take a nap, but dont sleep in. wake up at your normal time to maintain your sleep cycle. take a nap later in the day if need be.

air sickness-- if you are experiencing airsickness, firmly tap half way between the bottom of your breast bone and your belly button for thrirty to sixty seconds. repeat if necessary.

neck strain-- invest in a flying neck pillow. they can be a life saver. they are always available in airport gift shops.

adrenaline surge-- yes traveling is fun. its easy to get hyper, stay out late, push ourselves hard and the like.
just be mindful that you are doing it. i suggest that you have the supplement ADR on hand and take 2 per day while you are on your trip. remember to bite them before you swallow them. this is an adrenal gland nutrition and will keep them from getting drained of reserves.

montezumas revenge-- for a travelers diarrhea, when sysmptoms first appear, pull any capsule you have apart and empty it. fill the large side with the liquid supplement BCT. a dropper works best, but if youre careful you can pour it straight out of the bottle by placing the lip of the bottle against the empty capsule. replace the other half of the capsule and swallow. repeat each morning, preferably on an empty stomach, until symptoms subside.

that concludes our discussion on traveling abroad.

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