Friday, March 20, 2009

how to protect yourself from the harmful effects of flying

in continuation of last nights lesson please follow todays accordingly.

tomorrow you will get your final instructions.

flying in an airplane brings a whole set of stressors that often derail the process of healing unless they are properly addressed. those problems are primarily radiation, dehydration, prolonged sitting, time zone changes, sleep deprivation, air sickness, neck strain, and the adrenaline surge from the excitement of visiting new places. I recommend you address them as follows:

radiation-- wear the flying protection vials and follow the protocol. take 2 flying protection vials, place them on the body, in a pocket is fine, within 5 minutes of boarding plane. immediately place all 5 fingertips together and tap the mid forehead once, tap the top of your head with the back of your hand once, tap the forehead again with all 5 fingers, tap the chest with your arms in a X configuration while your fingers are extended and your thumbs pointing away from you, one time, then finish by grabbing the right wrist with the left hand and, while holding your hands together, make a light thrust downward over the pubic area. within 5 minutes of leaving the plane, repeat above sequence then remove the vials from your body.
repeat this with every boarding and debarking of an airplane.

dehydration-- drink more water than normal in advance of the flight and then ask for 3 full glasses of water, with no ice, each time the flight attendant offers beverages. drink only water while flying.

prolonged sitting-- get up from your seat frequently. this happnes, more or less, automatically because of all the water you're drinking. spend some time moving around while you are up. take a stroll to the back of the plane, do some stretching, move your body around. if you find that you tend to have fluid pool in your lower limbs on long flights, you may want to purchase support stockings at a medical supply store.

check back tomorrow for your final instructions on air sickness and sleep deprivation.

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ump down turn around pick a bale of cotton, jump down turn around pick a bale a day

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