Saturday, March 24, 2007

i saw climb-um & susy in moab

the road to moab, up high on the little canyon rim, just 7 hrs before i was riding on that road.

we started at 6am in the dark, chris P from white pine only needed 1 gear. i call him crazy he says hes stupid.

im done riding, my bike is ruined from mud, im blown tired and hungry. its 4pm im riding to the house and climb-um says hey sly, hes walking down the side walk with susy q. how the hell does this happen. they just rode poison spider and so did i. i never saw them out there.

yaa good timing. this is what it looks like 7 hrs in when im blown and cant ride anymore in a straight line. the gold bar, golden spike blue dot trail, poison spider its a bitch after 8 hrs of rocks.

i rode this crazy 90 mile loop in moab in 9 hr 45 mins. dave came in 10 mins later, he broke the chain and cleats and stuff. bad luck.
i never have ridden my bike that far in one day. forget the miles, 90 miles is easy compared to this.

i did lotoja once and that was gay. 9 hrs of smooth roads. this loop is rocky and steep. sandy, from the colorado river up over high cliffs. its hard and it was made harder because this one guy showed up, we call him bionic dave and now i got to see why first hand. holy hell i got pushed to my breaking point trying to hold him off in the last 4 hrs.
this is after a granny gear climb for 1000 vertical little canyon rim.

he pedals fast, small gears and keeps going all night long like lionel richey.

he stops and fixes his bike, changes clothes, eats a lot and i dont.
he will be on your wheel, or i will be on his, then he stops and then re-appears minutes later like he never left. while he stopped i kept it in the big ring. soaking wet and riding mud most of the day. it was cold, cloudy and i dont know how nothing happened to my bike. its really jacked up from the sand and mud but i didnt break anything. except my legs.

i dont know who got 3rd, maybe 3rd came in like 3 hrs later. about 30 guys started. some on 1 speeds. i think most people dropped out since it was so long and hard, the weather and cold.

while i was on on the rim i got some pics but you can see my camera got wet and didnt work.

check out the rim ride at

my time here is done, im goin to tucson tomorrow to sit at carmens pool for 4 days until the time trial at the nova.
white line fever.


UtRider said...

Nice ride.

Grizzly Adam said...

Great job Chris.

LyndaW said...

Well done wacko! Those are some fast times. I'm bummed I couldn't be out there but not that sorry seeing as it was raining.

Jeff Kerkove said...

Most excellent!

IamMatt said...

Way to haul ass cris.

Anonymous said...

What's that thing on your head?