Tuesday, January 27, 2009

my middle name is danger --peligroso

this tunnel you have to swim to, its right near the arch, right through this tunnel you can swim to the arch but i didnt dare.

the waves rip through it

on this beach in playa grande, its on the pacific tip, its about 1/2 mile from this arch. its not accessible just to walk to. its seperated by ocean and cliffs that jet out into the ocean so you must wait till may or take a water taxi out.

there are big red signs on this beach not to swim. people die here all the time from the under tows are the worst in the baja. the beach is so steep the waves are big and the ocean will take you under and there you are with the fish, dead.

so anyway we swam out in the dead zone to get this pic. some old people saw us come around the cliff and they almost passed out. they were yelling at me and said i was stupid.

i said ya i already know that thanks, but see it can be done. they thought it was crazy but they are old and dont know about sly and how i roll.

this is the rock on the pic below on the far left, the big seal rock, the kayakers can paddle out from the main beach, its about 1/2 mile out.

this is the last piece of rock on the baja, you cant see them but the sea lions are out on the that lower part sun bathing.

heres a pic of the arch in may, every year for a few weeks the tides go out far enough to get on the tip of baja in the sand.
every other time of year its 10 feet under the ocean.

like this one

the big ass boat cant go close since its under 10 foot deep. come back in may and walk under the arch
there are condos within 1/2 mile up the beach where all the rich people live. were staying at a friends place with all the rich people and they want tips for everything. all the locals think if youre white and american, if youre here then you must be rich and they want to sell you everything and get tips for saying hola.

she crashed us, ship wrecked in mexico. good thing theres wifi

we took the buccaneer boat out to the arch

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