Sunday, January 25, 2009

la playa grande cabo wabo

delta has direct flights to cabo from slc. thats pretty sweet. i have not been down here since dec 31st 2000, when me and bart rode down from san diego. we didnt ride the whole way but chippo didnt even make it 3 days. he went home cuz he couldnt hang with the kilojoules we were puttin out. back in 92, 93,94 i rode down here the whole way with a sag wagon. its around 1100 miles from san d to cabo. 1 road, old beat up paved road. lots of fish taco stands along the way. and lots of 100 mile sections with nothing.
its a good trip. you should try it.

but nowadays you have to skip riding through tj or you might get capped.

since i have long hair people randomly try to sell me drugs everywhere i go. i dont know if its for real or a joke. i cant believe how blatent drug dealers are. no wonder they get caught.

if you know alex rock hes in hawaii this week gettin hitched, wish him luck. seems he found a nice girl.
anyway his wifes parents hooked us up with this sweet condo on the beach of the pacific at the very tip of the baja. its way nice and they have wifi with cable.

what more can you ask for
wifi and cable, sun and blue skies with an option to head north on route 1 to la paz. i might get out and do some rides but im kind of busy workin on my tan, sleepin and gettin massages.

the whales are in view and we probably will take a tour boat out into the ocean tomorrow and spear some of them.

its been a tough day, i need to catch up on my beauty rest.

maybe i'll get some sweet pics tomorrow

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