Tuesday, January 20, 2009


i went outside in the valley for a minute without a gas mask and didnt make it back to the house before i passed out.

they had to call the medic

so before i die, i have a 3 step plan.

im goin to alta today
st george tomorrow
baja sunday

by the time im back it will be feb and i will have a sweet tan and the air will be clear.

on the news they say stay inside, but the question is why is that better

its the same air, you have an open door to the toxic sludge, so your furnace has a filter. big deal, it doesnt work right.

they say on the news dont drive or light a fire.

do you think anyone really does this
no they dont give a rats ass

thats why there is this problem to begin with.

dont blame the weather

year after year the same problem, but it gets worse. everyone waits for the wind to come and blow the problem away.

no snow till next tuesday.
im outtttta death breath

dv isnt deer valley, its darth vader

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