Friday, January 09, 2009

happy cows are not in california

they are in wiscaaaansin.

we were up on the sears tower a few hours ago. just like ferris bueller. its on wacker street. i bet rod blagovich has on office on wacker street.

at 4am im getting up to drive to mad town, its a blizzard here and the 140 miles i hope wont take over 2 hrs. we got the prius, but the tires are bald.

nothin new there, i still can blaze it, no prob.

the happy cows are up north, they make cheese in the mid west, im going to pic up a dub of cheddar.

in case your wondering, thats a 20" wheel of cheese.

i like cheese,
do you like cheese

if you want some call me,

if you dont have my number,
too bad

its snowing a lot and the beach is windy and frozen so i wont be getting a tan here, but thats ok cuz were going to cabo in 2 weeks.

if you want to meet us down there go ahead, we have a spare bed.

everyone else i asked doesnt want to go, they all have lame excuses like

no money
i have to work
no passport
no time
busy training
allergic to sun
scared of getting killed by mexican mafia

dont be a crying wuss

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Nerd On A Bike said...

Wisconsin manchego is just to die for. Goes really well with an aged Slim Jim and bottle of port.