Friday, January 16, 2009

ho made pie

i like pie, and i like ho's.
td says its a i da ho pie shop.

if you live in salt lake you dont need to be told how bad the air sucks, and for the next week its getting worse. its already terrible so we went up to alta for a bit. its nice and clear, and packed, snow and people.
i dont really understand why they need to drive down the canyon in a big backed up line going 20 mph, the road is dry and its uncalled for. i want to ram them up rear like mizzy does best.
we'll go to pc tomorrow and rip dv. all day. sun up to sun down.
i dont want to be in the valley right now, st george sounds nice and i dont have a mtn bike so im not going down there.
cabo in a week, it cant come soon enough. im not riding in this crap air for 5 mins.
rip trail down south. you dont want to be up in this shit hole.


b1k39unk said...

You shredding the tow-line?

Team Rico said...

shorts and 60's in the George rippin singletrack!! Wish you were here

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

b1k39unk is formerly know as H. spencer merrill, who will housed at the state penn at the point of the mtn for ripping off contender for 30 grand. i should write a story about that.

have fun in the shower

b1k39unk said...

You should; it would entertain hundreds of bored cyclists and give meaning to your pointless life. First though you should get the facts, not the mindless regurgitated gossip you normally spew.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

facts are youre not too smart, all that college and you couldnt figure that part out. way to go spencer.

more facts... a theif, liar and dont have a life. if you had a life and so much to live for you wouldnt keep checking this mindless blog.

have a good time in jail. crime and greed, nice path to choose.

every where you go you steal, worked at guthries, ripped them off.
worked at solitude, ripped them off.

if any of you "bored cyclists" know spencer merrill dont give him a job he will rip you off.

glad i turned you in, you deserve everything you get.