Thursday, April 30, 2009

$2 dollar hugs

alien bases on the dark side of the moon.

if the governments of the world let on the existence of aliens, all religion, your budda, jesus and krishna would collapse in the chaos of "NO GOD" people wouldnt know what to do if their god was an alien civilization and we were planted here as genetic experiments with cromagnon man/sasquatch dna with alien hybrid dna.

left 10's of thousands of years ago to inhabit and populate this planet.

think what would happen if the governments did acknowledge alien existance.

the social structure you know would collapse, the churchs and religious figures you worship would mean nothing, and the fear these churches sufficate you with would have no effect.

thats why they dont acknowledge alien existance. its all about money and power. every thing is about money and power.

yes there is "faith" but you dont need to go to a building with a steeple, pay money and worship false gods to get it.


Anonymous said...

thats where you get all your cross dough from!

JR. said...

Wrong. Life ain't nothing but bitches and money