Saturday, April 25, 2009

golden gate

we drove to san fran bay area yesterday, then went to, mill valley, tiburon, the gg bridge, fishermans wharf, pch beach tour down to san jose/cupertino. i picked up a few hundos in nevada to cover the weekend trip costs.

stopped by my friend jeffs shop in san pablo and he always sets me up with some sweet deals, got 36 pairs of nike road shoes. yaa

now its plush livin at the hyatt with room service, espn lakers/jazz and the king bed. has 4 star hotels at 2 star prices and $12 a day new car rentals.
hit the road!!!!!!!!!!


Bob Mohan said...

Chris (I found a boot in the river at the Snowbird race) Fox - How long will you be in the Bay Area? I'm in Palo Alto - Bob Mohan

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

ya good memory, i was in cupertino today at cupertino bike shop. but i left town. do you work at google or some shit