Thursday, April 09, 2009

marketing 101 leadville trail 100

2 questions

1-why is the mtb nation obsessed with 100 mile mtn bike races
2- why do these people want to ride leadville trail 100, basically a 100 mile out and back dirt road

if you dont get in the race, they offer a "carmichael training camp" for $1,250.00.
this gets you a t shirt, a ride with 40 other wannabe rich mtn bikers riding with carmichael, training on the course for 2 days before the race, and 1 golden ticket to the race, which you were just denied by the lottery.

i know a guy in town that did this, paid the cash and got in. he said the 40 slots were filled in a matter of minutes.

if you limit the entrees, it creates demand. you get a few famous racers to attend, and you make it easy (100 mile dirt road) with no technical ability, anyone that can balance a bike without training wheels can ride this "race" they will flock, and pay the $1250 when their name didnt get picked.
extra $50,000 in revenue for the race, lining the pockets of these guys who understand supply and demand.

for marketing its good for the promoters, and carmichael, from the racers view it sucks,
for me its a waste of time and money, i would never do that race even if it was free.

the guys that dont get in, just want it more because they were denied, and if they have the extra 1250 they will probably pay it, just to get in with their little buddies who did get in.

so my questions remain, why is everyone so into racing dirt roads at 10,000 feet with 10,000 other wannabe endurance racers, i dont get it, but most people are lemmings and like to follow the herd.


StupidBike said...


Team Rico said...

Its the same reason you get herds of people paying to ride a century on the road. You dont need any bikings skills and you can wear the t-shirt next week and have all your buddies think you are really something special. Old fat rich guys dig that shit

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

rico is a genius!

Forrest said...

But I want to say I raced with Lance. Rico and Sly, start organizing century rides, I bet you could quit your day job with all the money you will make.