Thursday, April 30, 2009

everything and the kitchen sink

i put lots of free stuff on craigslist and the people come and pick it up.

free rusty tin shed, old moldy wet indian rug, chicken wire, wood, boards. all free. people want it all.

some homo wanted to fight me on the email about how im a "craigslist killer" because i scam people with free indian rugs, because i answer emails fast , and hes into internet crime and a red flag of fraud is fast email answering.

get a life buddy.

he didnt want to come get the rug, it was on the sidewalk, but some how he thought if he came to get it i would run out into the street and stab him with my steak knife.

wow, these freaks are for real.
heres a pic from last weekend in san fran, looking east down lombard street, over to coit tower.
once, long ago i could ride up that hill.
the japs were takin pics of me cuz i looked fast and strong.

1 comment:

Nerd On A Bike said...

So if you were to actually fight the guy and win, would he still get to keep the rug?

That Craigslist sure poses a lot of ethical questions that just should not be answered.

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