Tuesday, April 07, 2009

up all night sleep all day

ali g wants to moto pace up dry creek, the buddy 125 doesnt have much clearance for that jump at the bottom so i'll have to launch it, then hope nobody is coming down, then im goin to blaze it down bobsled.

he wants to do this before rmr so hes warmed up.

if youre wondering why i go up early i had to clean the basement, the pipes broke and woke me up at 3am and water is flooding down there, i dont want to clean it so im writing this sweet story.

its a slate floor so no carpets, but the 20 x 20 foot rug is soaked and probably weighs 1000 pounds.
i should go over to atrains, wake him up and get his wet vac.

if you didnt know already jeff louder and team bmc are over in belgium, they are racing roubaix sunday so check this out

and heres the route,

its on cable so watch it

othernews, the hills is on and its pretty kick ass.
operation repo is the other bad ass show on comcast 44, tru tv, not reality, actuality.

if you have never seen either of these shows youre missing out on some real tv.

my grandma told me im built like a brick shit house, im not sure if thats good or bad. i did put on a few LB's since i last saw her, and i have not been pumping iron.

my brother has 5 kids now, she also told me he needs to keep his pecker in his pants.

shes 83, and that was pretty funny.


Team Rico said...

can I get in on that MTB moto pace?

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

ya, bring your cx bike. rip it!!