Wednesday, December 09, 2009

driving to the mid northwest

my predictions are kind of shoe ins and easy.

compton, what fool wouldnt pick her?

todd wells. is another easy pick.
he won barely against j pow last week, but hasnt been racing much this cx season.

its going to be snowy, icy, muddy and slick as .....

these conditions fit him well, and hes going fast so thats how i see it.

ali g, masters. another easy pick.
hes a favorite for the age grouper class, and i dont see how he can lose in slick muddy conditions such as these.

thats my 3 groups, so lets see the predictions come true, nostradamus style.

early in the morning im getting chauffeured to bend, the cyclocross nationals.

many from 801 will be lining up for an hour of pain.

i will be there in camo, with an air horn. giving prize money. livin large, you get the idea.

hopefully ali g can get the stars n bars. hes had an impressive run the last 2 months.
i wish luck to my friends team rico, atrain, dr x, dayna, kathy, krafty, jennie, ali g, the cottles, mitchel p. and im sure i left out a few, but thats all i know whos going.

i will be submitting a short report and race results for most of the races to with shannons help.

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Forrest said...

Page's 8th at the World Cup is pretty impressive, I think he is going to give Wells a run for the money. Dude can ride all conditions with the best of them. I know Wells is rested and ready, but I think Page always has something to prove. Its going to be a good battle.