Friday, December 18, 2009

so blown you cant walk up 10 stairs

we got the training camp down in sg, 60 today, jersey and arm warmers, shorts. you get the picture. ok brandon here was over dressed. but hes like 5% fat. im packin blubber like an arctic seal so i dont need much winter gear.

i feel a bit better now, better than 5 hrs ago i was blown.

these 2.5 hr rides feel like 5 used to.
i'll probably feel better in a few months.
yesterday we rode on the virgin rim, today was west desert and tomorrow probly more out there. it looked like it was a bit muddy out around stucki a few days ago based on the mud tracks, but now its mostly dried out.

the condo down here is $8 each a night, so if any of you keep wondering how guys with no jobs get to ride all day, watch tv and face book. thats how. its not hard to figure out, the hard part is to find a condo for $25.

brad and brandon ride more hours than i do, like 5 each. i cant handle that. utah hill to mesquite, multiple laps around fun sections of green valley. if i go 3 i cant walk for an hour.

tiesto new years eve, thats goin to be kick ass. so warm it up with this.

heres some oppressive news from atrain


Anonymous said...

I miss that feeling.

Blackdog said...

PrimeTime.... is in the hizouse.

I need that feeling again.