Sunday, December 06, 2009

winning big

last night at the tables i turned my usual losing luck into 4 hundos. 3 hrs on the 21 tables and some chicks from layton wanted to get on the cash zone. that was pretty funny.
"so what do you do?"
im a professional gambler/blogger and elite cyclist.
"oh wow, u ride motorcycles?"
no, were in town for the rodeo.
one of them claimed to be a single mom of 3 kids. yet shes layin down $5 bets like its easy street. ok its 5 bucks, i had to throw her a few green chips to make it interesting.

today i decided to eat a bit more and see what happens, turns out when you eat, you have energy. i made it 3 hrs in the west desert before i cracked like an 82nd street hooker.

i cant really remember peoples names, and i forget the simple things in life. like eating.

thats probably why my friends over the years keep seeing me make the same mistakes year after year...

its going to snow here tonight so i guess were going to san diego for a few days before bend.
clint and sohmy ate 3 dinners, killed a 12 pack and just went to del taco. its 12am.

holy shit they can put it down.

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