Tuesday, December 01, 2009

my boyfriend dale

Once upon a time I tried to convince boyfriend, Dale, why it was wrong to support the meat industry. I explained the atrocities that chickens and cows experience in our harvesting of their flesh.

We happened to be driving through rural Idaho at the time, and he pointed out the cows in the field and said, "They look like happy cows to me."

As a hard core vegetarian who had researched the ugly facts of meat processing, I didn't see happy cows. Rather, I saw miserable prisoners awaiting a cruel and inhumane death.

How could we be looking at the same scene and yet see it so differently, I wondered?

When I worked as a market research analyst, my job was to compile statistical findings in report form. Sometimes I'd write something like, "Only a third of registered voters support the proposed tax increase for education." And my boss would say "What do you mean 'only a third?' A third is a lot."

The difference in our perspectives was our vibration. I saw things through a different filter than my boyfriend and boss did.

That's important because the filters we see through (i.e. the vibrations we flow) affect our manifestations. In fact, what we want might already be here, but we're not seeing it because we're not dialed in on that vibe!

Here's a recent embarrassing example:

My new renters called to inform they'd be a few days late on the rent. No big deal, I said.

But after hanging up the phone, my gremlins had a heyday with me. "Everyone was right - being a landlord sucks! Late rent, heaters going out, neighbors complaining out loose dogs - this is awful."

Since I did nothing to correct gremlin thoughts, and with my "being a landlord sucks" glasses firmly in place - guess what I saw? More problems and hassles with being a landlord.

In fact, I didn't even see the rent payment come in (that they actually paid early)! For two weeks I checked the account, yet didn't register $1200 sitting right there in black and white. I just kept calling the property manager about missing rent!

(It wasn't until tenants confirmed they had a receipt in hand that I began to question my gremlin thoughts. With those glasses off, and dialed on an easier vibe, I could finally see what was there all along that gremlin glasses blinded me to.)

I've had clients want a trustworthy and loving companion, while they tell me about the fun time they're spending with a best friend or ex lover. And drop dead gorgeous women wanting to have beautiful bodies that they're already sporting. And nervous millionaires wanting to experience financial abundance.

How could they be so blind as to not see what's already right here?!

The fact is many of us are good at seeing what we expect or what we fear rather than what we want. The trick is to get conscious about purposely looking for the good news and things going right and the evidence of desires unfolding.

Give it a try for yourself! Put on your "got what I wanted" filter this week, and see how different the world looks. Or try on the "life is good" glasses, and watch the world transform before your eyes!

(After trying on Dale's "happy cow" glasses for a while now, I am finally seeing a lot of contentment out there in the fields.)

We get whatever we look for, which is why it's so important we grow skills in seeing what we want, seeing what's right, and seeing what's working. Don't be surprised if you find it really was there all along.
this was copied from an email list im on, written by jeanette maw at www.goodvibecoach.com

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