Friday, December 04, 2009

personal on the trail mechanic

tubes suck, i have used stans wheels for years, probably since 03 or something. whenever it came out. i cut my 300 gram 1.9" kozmik on a sharp rock and had to put in a tube. that tube lasted about an hour before i pinched it. fixie fixed it, he had a patch kit.

he rode his road bike with 1.3" tires, crazy he doesnt flat on that rocky bitch.

how ever 1min after we split i blew up the tube again, it was running low with 30 pounds and i had about a 45 min ride back to the house down a rocky wash. i tried to save the rim so i wouldnt have to trash the wheel during the last 4 or so miles.

we rode over to barrel and sidewinder, those are some sweet views. i used to live in ivins back in 1990 and there was nothing like this back then. too bad i drive down every week to get what i used to live so close to.

that was an easy 2.5 hrs, except for the last hour on a flat.

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