Saturday, December 05, 2009

ya its good

the trails, dusty and rocky. my fave, i'll try to go big tomorrow for 4 hrs. well see how much energy i have left. today was like this.

the mind says you have a lot left, the body says ya 2 yrs ago maybe. take it easy.

dec 5th, yes its time to watch cable for 7 hrs.

i guess were going to vegas to win some money. this usually doesnt turn out well for me so i'll just stick to the one bet of 2 g's and lay down on red.

win or lose, i have to walk away. cuz i owe chippo 2 g's and he wont like me losing his money.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

belagio has casino war 1 to 1 odds and no dealer advantage. if your throwin down for one hand its way better odds than the roulette.
have you lost any of your dough boy yet?