Tuesday, June 12, 2007

jake the snake team ride clean

jake lives in tucson

he used to be a messenger with me here in the big SLC back in 98. before that i would work him over at decker dash when he was a sport class racer.

it was really funny, now he does pro road stage races, crits and races from cali to georgia.

from time to time big jonny will post good stuff about snake. they are buddy buddy, if you know what im sayin.

if snake still lived here he would win all the road races, even if sandys whole team duked up on him. ok thats a bit much, but you get the idea.

"Just riding your bike doesn't make you a good cyclist. Its what you do
for the other 20 hours in the day that defines you as a cyclist."

Jake Rubelt

why dont you move back to utah and clean up on the local racing scene or trade the skinny tires for fat

Ill leave the local clean up to you. I got my own people to beat on down here. Although I did do a 50 miler a couple of weekends ago. All my skillz came back after the first DH. After that it was like shredding the city creek sick back in the day with Rock, Crispy and the Sly....yeahhhhhhhhhhh

how do you respond to authority

Not well, I just got out of slam. What I told everyone was that I was back east for 2 years. Really I was in the big house for a while. But Im back now and I have paid my debt to society. But you if you should happen to piss me off dont slip and fall on this knife, ok?

do you like to train with gord fraser

Lazor and I have this love hate thing going. He knows that Im good and I know hes full of shit. So we basically try and beat the hell out of each other then at the end of the day we are friends. But the reality of the situation is he is Canadian so he is worthless. The only 2 things that Canada has ever produced is maple syrup and hockey. He is neither. One time I did try and sprint him. He looked at me and said "I didnt think you wanted to open that can of worms......" The score at the end of the day was Gord 10, Snake 0. So he can sprint when he wants to....

what would it be like to go back in time

It would be sick. I would go back to the race where I was beating you in the Decker dash and have and extra seat post ready. Then when I was killing you and my post broke I could have changed that post out and wrecked your 4 year undefeated record. I would have been a god!!! Too bad I was just a sport rider at the time.

if you had a space ship where would you go

San Carlos mexico. That place is the shit. Slow pace of life. Nobody is in a hurry. Sea fishing is great, and the magaritas are pretty fucking tasty too.

how are the chicks down in tuck son

Hot as hell son. I have a theory. If its at least 80 degrees for 8 days straight a cruiser ride though the campus is all the hormone therapy a cyclist ever needs.

how am i as an interviewer

I cant believe you didnt ask me about the time that I took you all to the wood shed at the Draper days mountain bike race??? WTF.. That was my first big win ever. I shocked the world. Sly, A-train, O-ran, steve Z man, you were all there and couldnt believe it when I big ringed the climb on the second, third, and fourth time up. I was on the Sly program. Deliver packages all day for Adam at Salt City Messengers all day. Get killed by Bart Man on the cross on the weekends and the crush at the Draper Days......

be sure to tell all the girls about sly.Last time I checked you were in love with your bike? Dont worry I handle the girls, and the DH.

Yeahhhhhhhhhhsnake out

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