Friday, November 21, 2008

are times tough?

i think the fear mongering news casts and morons behind it are trying to scare everyone still. ok so probably some cant get car, home loans and financing for million dollar apartment complex contruction. but out in the real world like buying bikes and scooters people are throwing down no questions asked.

maybe i live in a place called wonderland, so tomorrow we're taking some frozen chickens to the poor people. if you want to bring me some to the race tomorrow i will take them for you. i hope they dont melt in the 60degree heat.

i have a free barbacoa coupon if anyone is hungry after the race. i got 25 points so they gave me a free burrito, (but they havnt made it yet) (just so you know)

im trying to help the poor, so any poor bike racers out there need a free lunch tomorrow just come talk to sly.

the times are tough for the CEO's of gm and chrysler. they flew to washington to beg for 25 billion in their private jets. when asked by congress if they would give that up for the loan none raised their hands.

these jack ass' make 20mill a year to run companys into the ground then beg for tax dollars so they can live large.

hmmm, maybe people dont like fixing their crap SUV's every 3 months with MOPAR parts and paying $40 grand for a tank that gets 12mph.
go figure it out while youre waiting in the welfare line in your private jet and 20mil salary.

the gas prices are not related to hurricanes, wars and what ever else they tell you. they raise the price when they want, in the summer, when people drive more. its supply and demand.
more demand, high prices.
lower demand, lower prices.
dont believe the news, they lie. they lie all day about everything and people think its real.

if you dont mind putting on your ski outfit to drive the scooter around town in the winter go ahead.

its $1.50 to fill it up now. that gets you 100mpg.

idiots of the week. CEO's of large companies living the high life on the back of the american blue collar worker.


Gary said...

That’s a big ol righty right.

Nerd On A Bike said...

We're now just finding out that $300 of that $700 billion bailout package has been paid out to banks....and those welfare banks are hoarding the cash and using it to buy up other banks, even if the banks they're buying are doing well or ok. Latest is that Citigroup, which is doing well all things considered, is attempting to use their handout to merge with another bank that is not in trouble.
The whole idea was to start loaning money again and jump start the economy.

If we give the welfare auto industry (another) blank check I guarantee the same thing will happen. They will still have massive layoffs, maybe fire a few middle managers and then the CEO's will congratulate themselves with million dollar bonuses.
Keep in mind, the salaries of the 3 CEO's falls between 1.4-2million repectively. They make their money, up to 20 million in one instance last year, from bonuses. I'm not an economist, but where I work, we do not get bonuses unless we perform well and grow each quarter. To date I haven't seen a bonus check after a quarter filled with massive losses.

Let them file for Chapter 11 and be forced to make changes. If not, we'll end up paying that $25billion anyway through lost tax revenues, unemployment, etc..... with their heads!

Nerd On A Bike said...

Here's a great and credible link to keep track of the handouts:

Eat Sleep MTB said...

Depends on your job. If you take money from one place, move it to another, take a percentage, and call it a hard days work, then yah, you might be having a tough time. The majority of the US economy in a nutshell.