Saturday, November 01, 2008

that cx course didnt look fun

when you put 100 bucks on the line dont count out the beagle.

ali g came up 10 feet short.
that sucks

it would have been sweet if they ran it through that mud hole in the pic below.

alex rock

alex g
reed, conner

jon g, ali g.

check out ali g, launching it with money in mouth.

workin it

that course looked like hell, im glad not to race.
i took the new road bike back on the flat route.
come back tomorrow for some cash. im running low so i will only be at the 130 race, plus its kind of boring standing around for 3 hrs watching guys ride by in circles.
i am the #1 cross fan, but i have ADD, so go easy on my pocket book.
if you want to donate your prize money, give it to flahute and jonny g. they sit there all day.

that sounds about as fun as racing this mx track.

what happened to the green monster???
guys who never take money
1 dr x
2 daren cottle
3 dave harward

those guys are hard core, focused, on key, hammering 60 mins straight. plus i think they are all loaded.
top 6
alex g
dh on the low down
team rico
alex rock

if youre thinking i look like a girl cuz i have a dress on with long hair. im trying not to cut it, (the pony) cuz next june im selling it for 3 grand to a wig company.

so i kind of hate it but i need to hang tough for 6 more months. its been 19months since the last cut.

check me out march 07, scored a hundo from the green lantern