Thursday, November 13, 2008

throw a wrench in your plans

Ways to Shift Self-Sabotage

Very often we aren't aware of what we do (or don't do) that keeps our success from unfolding. Based on my work with hundreds of clients, I've noticed 3 common handicaps that hinder our dream come true:

1. Needing It

The energy of "need" holds up the show, so the best way to get what you want is to not need it. For real.

It's easier to release the need than you might think. Different things work for different folks, so experiment with how you best return to your "all is well now" easy, lighthearted mindset.

I remind myself "everything's working out perfectly" or refocus on what really matters: my dogs, my freedom to choose, this cup of ginger tea - whatever helps me disengage from the "grasping" vibration of need.

If I really think I NEED this person to approve of me, or NEED the money to pay that bill or NEED my loved one to be well, I rethink it. There's a different thought that feels better and helps me drop the "charge" that needy energy introduces. As long as I think I need something to happen in order to feel better, I hold the very thing I want at bay.

Feeling good now - rather than needing something else to get there - lets your desire manifest swiftly!

2. Big Deal Thinking

When you believe something is rare, improbable, or difficult, it can't be anything BUT that. Your thought MAKES it so. That thinking slows up the whole process!

Stop the self sabotage by remembering that everything's easy to the Universe. What's one person's big deal is another person's no problem. I can get a date on a dime, but relax in front of a big audience? Holy hannah. Good trick! As I think it's tricky, so it is.

To stop this sabotage, get someone in mind who thinks your manifestation is simple and start thinking like he or she does. Does Oprah worry about the next mortgage payment? I suspect not. Does Donald worry whether someone will like him? Think like someone who has mastered your manifestation. You can think like that, too! All it takes is practice.

3. Believing It Hasn't Happened

As you notice something isn't working or hasn't happened, you reinforce that reality. That's what you Don't Want. Don't go there.

Train yourself to a line of thinking that allows for possibility - that lets something happen!

In our session clients get to point out once what's real. After that, if it isn't what they want, they get redirected -because our words are that important! I can't say one thing and expect another to happen. It just doesn't work that way!

You've got to stop noticing what is and start imagining or looking for what you want. Yes, that requires a skillful detachment from reality. That's where your power lies. Use it! (It's way more fun than sticking to reality, anyway.)

This article gives you a prime opportunity to practice the shift. Once you recognize a habit that isn't serving you, stop focusing on that negative and intend it's changing already. Start seeing where you DO have a light and easy attitude about a desire; congratulate yourself when you're naturally spending time with the vision rather than what's "real."

This whole deliberate creation thing is way easier than it's sometimes made out to be!

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