Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ever heard of glutatione

i didnt think so

its tuesday night, i have nothing so i give you this

it has nothing to do with glutatione, so dont try to figure it out.

i dont think there is bad economy and every time i hear it on the news (like every freaking 2 mins) i want to smash it with a baseball bat.
some rich dude in LA threw down 6 large on burks USED prince road bike. paaaleeeeeez.
ok, its nice but seriously.

people are buying tons of stuff, i dont care where you live. i cant keep up. non stop shipping all day long.

bikes, clothes, parts, whatever.

i must be catering to the rich.

not many brothas in detroit into biking and 200 dollar windproof jackets i guess.

we'll be at wheeler with cash saturday.
early races only!!!!!!
its only 5 miles from the house. thats nice.

you know sometimes when you do laundry and you find money in your washer or wadded up in your pockets all krinkly,... well today

i found $835 bucks in my messenger bag secret pocket. its been there for 2 weeks and i didnt know it. not 8 bucks 35 cents. 800 bucks thirty five bucks. ya thats rad, but i dont know where it came from.

i wasnt missing it either so go figure. i was supposed to spend that in tucson, or denver. i dont know which or how long its been there, but i ran out of money at the race last week and had this bag with me and could have thrown down.

i'll save it for saturday. its $$$$50 gee dubs and 400 in jacksons, and a few benjamins.


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Forrest said...

The economy may not be that bad here, but there are areas where the hype is true. Also I follow a budget, and the cost of goods like groceries, gas, etc.. has gone up 10% for me in the past year for me. That is real numbers and real money. I can take a 10% hit, but not much more than that.