Monday, November 10, 2008

the money tree

we went to big willys for lunch, they like to deface money down here and staple it to the ceiling and walls. those are all real dollars.

so i pitched in a few bucks, cuz thats what i do.

just waste money most the time.

you see, i get money, then i spend it or give it away so then i run out and have to go get more.
its kind of been wearing on me lately.
if i could hang on to it and not spend it so fast i might be a millionaire.
but then i think, what good is all this money going to do you if you die tomorrow.
so i just keep spending it and giving it away.
its called the money tree, so i just keep going back to pick it and it keeps growing.
i hope one day the tree doesnt die cuz i have a bad habit of spending i need to fix. good thing i have a wad to blow next weekend.

the money tree

tim was here

so was ali g

here is some truth for you

this tool is standing on the street corner in down town key west.

now i dont condone this sign but i had to show you how stupid this guy is.

last week i sent some offensive text messages to some of my friends about obama, some said they were racist comments. i thought they were funny tongue in cheek type jokes but other thought the opposite, and to them i have to apologize because im not racist and im about most open person around when it comes to things like that. i thought there were the funniest things in awhile.

but anyway this jackass, what the hell? seriously, i dont really play politics because the system is so flawed, what they were offering out of 2 deadbeats obama was the better pick,,,...... but seriously heres how i see it.

pick a president, heres cowshit and cowshit in mud laced with worms, take your pick. ummmmm

i guess i'll take the cowshit..

now offer up some good choices and i might pick one. but both of the candidates have pos and negs, one isnt terribly better than another but i dont want some senior citizen running things, i dont want more bush and i dont want a 100 year war.

i dont like bigggggger government and i dont want socialism.

so i guess the better is the latter.

im not racist, i think hope and making history and breaking down barriers is all good and fun but you have to realize he made some pretty big promises and these guys do is lie to get their foot in the door then just see how much work it is and say fuck it im in so who cares.

well see but theres my story.

i dont hate obama and i dont think god does either but that guy holding the sign is a freaking idiot

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EthanBazGoulet said...

nice, i see the ali g. dollar, my dad phone is busted so he couldn't see pictures