Sunday, November 23, 2008

rico does the double cx throw down

we watched team rico pull some watts and tactics in the 1 speed race of over 30 guys to do a state champ salute.

then he lined up 10 mins later with his 9 speed bike and watched guys crash, flat and blow up by the way side as kreig laid down the watts and the 2 took off into the 50 degree dust.

only 10 feet behind the idaho resident rico claims the 2nd title of the day. but you wont know it lookin at this

humble is an understatement, some times when you throw down you have to say, ya i kicked some ass today.

some how atrain barely beat chippo.
must be the bad back.

**sunday update**
team manager chippo ordered atrain to "stand down" and wait, having crew relay the message and some personal yelling across the field to drag his sorry ass to the line.
chippo was in the pain cave and needed the train to draft the final 2 laps in a desperate attempt to hold off jon iltis

its december next week and we can wear shorts and not get cold.
those mtn should be deep with pow.
meanwhile... the beagle tears it up on the east coast.
you wouldnt know that either since nobody blogs any more. i think it was a sprint finish.
pro racers that dont blog are letting down their local fans.
once a week paragraphs of how boring their lives are... well, are weak. step up the live action travels. the lamen weekend warriors want to vicariously live through your blogs.
i wont mention any names
alex g
dr x
bobby flay

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