Monday, November 03, 2008

north american union is canada USA and mexico all in 1 amero new money!!!! yaaaaaa!!!!!!

if you have not been paying attention to my posts then you missed out on the NAU. north american union, this is the the conglomoration? of canada USA and mexico into one union using a new money called AMERO.

the peso and dollar are going to be phased out. i dont know when but in the next 4 years probably.

whoever wins this (steals) tomorrows election. will start, or i should say continue what already has begun.

why do you think they dont build a fence at the mexican border?

they dont give a damn,

they are going to open the gates so why build a fence to begin with.

if you dont pay attention to me or any of the buried news stories, read if for yourself go study and learn whats on the WWW. its the last free news source and what you see on TV is BS and lies anyway bought and paid for by the powers that be.

they wont tell you the truth then just put a bunch of BS on there and thats that.

or go to and find many videos on amero and North american union

i wrote this story today because my blogflux has been going off lately with tons of google hits from stories i posted last summer about this.

seems everyone on the web is googling amero or NAU and its drawing it to my old posts.

so go learn and get your head out of the sand


StupidBike said...

all this means to me is that BP will be able to come back to Utah.

Turbo de Provo said...

...and Fox will be handing up "amero's" at cross races soon.

Nerd On A Bike said...

True. Unless our monetary system completely collapses first.
It'll be interesting to see how American's react to the Amero if it's comes to fruition.

Grizzly Adam said...

Yeah, absorbing Mexico and Canada would certainly help the States. They are such hefty contributors to the world market.

But that's not say if Sly handed me up an Amero during a race that I would not take it!