Sunday, November 29, 2009

3 clicks past empty

dave harris at the zen cliffs

heres a great clip from a great movie. im sure everyone sees a bit of luke in themselves

we passed joel and glen a. on the new rim runner.

2nd half of rock brothers drug me around stucki and bear claw out by santa clara to the new rim runner loops just barely north of barrel roll. its a sweet trail with good flow some easy climbing and fast rocky dh. who ever made that knows whats up.

thats some sweet ass trail out there, along with the old other main stays you can ride down there for months over and over and not get sick of it.
back in 1990 i lived in ivins and there wasnt much to ride. im sure there were dirt roads all over stucki and blakes but i never went out there. the parkway to ivins wasnt even a road back then. the way to ivins was through santa clara. i used to ride my bmx bike to washington through a black lava laced 2 track that barely existed. right to dixie downs.
now there are so many trails its sickening. they all pretty much kick ass.

so any way i have an apt. in down town slc. i need a winter home in st george. i know lots of guys going down weekly and team mtb race might be renting a condo for 3 months for anyone to stay there and pitch in a per night $$$. i hope that goes down because i will be down there every 3 or 4 day weekend for the next 3 months.

thats a lot of driving but im crazy and cant just decide on one place.

im deep in the pain cave a month now, the results are not slow. i cant really believe the changes that are happening for the better. i could barely ride a few months ago and now daily 2.5 hr rides are hard but do-able. is that a word? i wonder how i'll be on new years, its only 33 days away. im goin with biggie on this one.

the skies the limit

i had to come back to the big city to ship some hella packages. it seems while i was gone the whole world bought all my stuff and i cleared out my living room and loaded my bank account.

xmas is here, and they are all on egay looking for my sweet deals.

im going back down south friday for some more trail ripping sessions.

if you are down south lets hook up.

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Nerd On A Bike said...

I still get choked up with the Luke/Yoda scene. Reminds me of my ongoing failure in life at not being able to lift UPS trucks and fat women on scooters with my thoughts.
Thanks for bringing those bad thoughts back up.

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