Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Comprehensive Methylation Panel with Methylation Pathway Analysis

Comprehensive Methylation Panel with Methylation Pathway Analysis.

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order that $500 test and send your blood in the mail, this is a genetic mapping test and will tell you your mutations, why some toxic chemicals affect you and not your brother, or friend. your riding buddy that slams crap all day and still hauls ass. why are you sick and tired, and why these pollutants in your environment affect you and nobody else.

its because everyone is different and everyone has different genetic make ups that affect their own way of life.

i've been learning about holistic healing and health for about 10 yrs now. trying to figure out health related problems for myself and friends. since i make it no secret i hate drug companies and hospitals for health related problems.

taking a prescription drug is not the answer, it will just make you sicker and cause other problems later down the road.

so since i know smart holistic people here in the big city, i have been making head way with my health, mental and physical.

basically its caused by metal toxicity, you get metals in many ways. the salt lake valley is loaded with pollutants and the doctors i have been working with have tested peoples hair in this area and several metals in their body are off the charts, (not good)

last summer i had some old mercury silver filling removed from my molars, i still have 2 left and need to get them taken care of.

after 2 weeks of residual pain (in june) it seems to be better. now this wont fix the problem as the metal is pulled from the teeth into the cells of the body, where it sits and causes disease and other energetic problems. for me it was the obsessive thoughts about random tramatic experiences, thoughts of insanity and craziness.
low energy, attracting me to sugar and caffeine, just to feel normal. which that causes other problems with weight gain and energy crashes.

the cycle is complex and chronic. its like there is no hope and some times i feel crazy and worthless. i dont know what i would do if i didnt meet these knowledgeable holistic energy healers.

now i didnt go into full details but i just want you to get an idea that im figuring it out and on the right track to finally fix my life time battle.

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Sandy Perrins said...

Right on slyness. I like your outlook. One thing I have learned in med skule is that everyone knows their own body the best. Keep on doing the reading and learning.