Saturday, November 21, 2009

house party at saltaire

photo by shannon at mtb race

team rico leads bart and ali g

last night was probably the best house music i have heard live, holy hell i dont care if you hate tecno if you cant feel that beat you have problems.

atrain says hes playing the ipod pushing play no look, thats the extent of that? the skill comes in the creative mixing and mastering beats, building it up and breaking it down. i think i posted about 15 videos on facebook last night since my phone has like the best sound card available and will only send 20 sec max videos. i didnt bring anything good to make a sweed video.

we rode out with a fun crew of alcoholics, ok well a few were pretty hammered, humbert, todd, jamie and kels. holy shit she was wasted.

if you bring a back pack i guess this means your the "E" dealer, some wasted fools trying to buy drugs from me, maybe its the hat? or the hair?

i'm buzzing my head bald in march. im over long greasy locks, 2 g's and its off!

so if you were ever thinking of going to a house party you should, if you never would do that you should go anyway.
im still trying to grasp not going with shauna, i guess she was there with some guy. she informs me a gay guy. like no one else but a gay guy and me would go with her to a house concert.

she wants to go to cross races and hang and doesnt even or never has raced, i hope she has the sense not to at this point in time attend such events. i couldnt stand the thought of her dating the security guard or any other replacement that wants to get in her pants. so i had to end all comms and get togethers,

call me crazy, i dont want to be going skiing, on trips, bike races, lunches, donating money for her expenses and cat support while shes dating and cooking dinners for some next best thing.
i guess im old fashioned.
today i got a ride up to heber with alex and back with carl to attend the state cx champs in heber, it was cloudy and cold with the last race in a semi flurry snow blizzard. the snow didnt stick but it windy and cold.
ali, team rico and bart rode around in a circle jerk for 55 mins until ali punched it with 1/2 lap to go and took the w over eric by 10 feet. bart was 10 sec back and alex g got 4th.
congrats to ali g and erika for the A CLASS wins.

i wonder if i will be ok if she goes to matts cx final party, it next year. not next week.

ali g has been dominating the masters gp series this year.

nice work

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