Monday, November 23, 2009

a day in the life of sly

hope im not beating a dead horse here, as i know my thoughts and feelings produce my reality and results. so i wonder if im constantly thinking of the past and what i once had if im in a downward spiral or getting off this pity party and choosing new actions instead of old non working behaviors.

instead of sitting at the computer all day and obsessing over shipments and sales i wanted to get out to the races and just do nothing but stand there and spectate. it doesnt bother me as much as one would expect. you know watching races, some guys say it kills them to watch. but im over that. ya sure its fun to race if your at the front or feeling it. but if you are slow and getting shelled its no fun. at least for me.

so im not sure where the cash zone is going for the future. i seem to be bored with that as well. its like wearing the same halloween costume everyday of the year. not exciting and fresh. im not feeling the tecno at the races and the energy isnt there so its a real buzz kill.

i wont be in town for the local cx race saturday and im not sure if i want to go to the last race in a few weeks. i also dont want a prize at the party, again. these races are for the racers, the party and awards are for guys that worked hard and got results in the series. its not for me who just stands there and yells.

so i bring this up because i dont want a prize. the prize is when someone is killing it and doesnt take it so serious that they can take some money. its a bike race, its not the end of the world if you lose 2 seconds to enjoy the moment.
i hope everyone who reads this can recognize that.

so heres what i get to decide what to do everyday.

usually, like a few months ago i pretty tired and run down. i usually got up around 9 or 10. felt like crap and walked 20 feet to the office and started right in on email and shipping.

but now days i wake up around 7 or 8 with no alarms. ever, i dont need them. i've got this new place downtown and its in a good location for me, with no car. i have everything pretty close by, fedex, usps, shops, stores, food. so im trying not to buy a car, i dont think i have to. as i've gotten good at carrying bikes on the scooter to and from pick up points. also bike boxes one handed to fedex, and empty bike boxes from the local shops which 4 are within 1 to 2 miles. so thats good.

i hate morning tv, its so bad and waste of time. ya im sure you think all tv is bad but i have some good shows on history and discovery. for me its like learning visual. its not stupid mindless sit coms loaded with drug commercials.

i dont think some people recognize the learning value on some programs. books dont do it for me, i need visual stimuli.

i dont have a real job to go to, so i can do anything anytime. but you have to get shit done, so you have to have some kind of self management. mainly check the sales for the day and get them sent so people dont freak out and complain a lot. which they do any way.

farming out 1/2 my work so i have more time to do whatever. paying people to post 300 jerseys. leaving inventory in multiple locations in town and paying people to ship it as well.

i have a bit here but im trying to get out of this endless cycle of buying and selling. if i can find the sweet deals and thats it. thats fine with me.

emails, shipping, posting, putting out fires with unreasonable people. if i can avoid it i will.

so after about 2 or 3 hrs of doing this from 9 to 12 im pretty tired of sitting and typing. then i can start boxing things up and get the orders out. this might take 2 hrs or if i have some wheels and bikes it takes longer. usually try to get all this done by 4 or 5 since the po closes at 5 or 6.

now its dark, usually i would like to go ride in the afternoon after all this is done so im not hurrying around and worrying what didnt get done on a mid afternoon trail ride. . . . but i didnt ride much trail this year anyway and its dark at 5. so,

maybe i should eat or ride in the dark. the last month i have been riding in traffic in the dark with no lights.

some old kodger stopped in the middle of the road and got out of his car walking in the dark waiting for me to ride by and informed me i should get some lights.

really,.. you are standing in the middle of the road walking behind your car in traffic causing a bigger problem than me.

maybe i should adjust my sked a bit, with a mid afternoon 1 to 2 hr trail ride at 1 or 2pm.
now im still pretty slow and 15 hrs a week isnt going to happen for 2 months. so 90mins a day for the rest of the year is plenty. theres 22 hrs left in the day to do whatever so im sure i can figure it out.

thats about all i have to do everyday, its not much but sometimes i cant finish it. i wonder about all the others that do 10 times as much and never have down time to do nothing.

there was a big bike expo in san fran saturday but i didnt want to go. im pretty over driving 10 hrs and trying to haggle with guys over some bike gear.
the next one is in mid jan. maybe i'll be up to go to mad town by then.

going to st george friday for a short weekend. that should be a good change.

i dont have any good pics to add today so you get a long ass story. heres some tecno.

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Anonymous said...

I stopped moving once and found the world so painful that I wished for it to spin fast enough for me to fall off.

I like seeing you at the races because of you, not the big bucks I lost at the end of the race.