Tuesday, November 24, 2009

tecno tuesday

im not sure where im going for thanksgiving, eating other peoples food, and being around kids isnt my idea of a holiday. small talk and pretending to stuff your self with mass quanities. most peoples houses have more germs than a 3rd world country and its a potential swine flu out break.

maybe i can wear a mask like those asian people

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LyndaW said...

Come over to mine for Thxgiving. We are gonna ride too. Short, prolly Bear Claw. Ride crew is me, Fixie Dave, DH and my 2 hypermatic kinders. Ems on the tag-a-long. Wes is getting braver on his bike (he is 9) and needs boyz to show him mad skillz not his mom. He wants to jump it. Moms don't jump it... Dinner crew is same. We'd love to have you.