Friday, June 27, 2008

the north american union the amero new money by 2010

yes its on the

the new dollar is the AMERO.

google it, youtube it.

tons of info, and the new super highway is being built right now through texas. connecting mexico to canada.

why do you think they are not building a fence, a border for the mexicans.

because they dont freaking care. they are going to get rid of the dollar and make the amero the new dollar for mexico, usa and canada.

just like the euro.

i will post a few videos, there are tons more on the web.
go read people. if you watch this crap on my blog you only get 1/4 of 1% of info.
i wish more people would wake up. i realize a lot of stuff i put on here people dont want to even give a chance to believe

. they think im crazy or some loony.
i have many opinions and i write this to educate. one day stuff will happen, and you will think to yourself, sly wrote some crap about this. you were warned.
atrain says people dont care. hes right,
most dont care, most think this stuff is lies and made up to get attention. they want their nice cars, hbo, cable, mcdonalds and nba/nfl on cable or live tickets.
they watch american idol and care what britney or paris is doing.
or most bikers read this thinking im going to post a story about a trail i've ridden 100 times, go to a new city and buy bike parts, write about a race i trained 4 months for and bonked.
yeee freakin haw. ya thats light hearted, off topic and not scary.

they dont know whats going on behind closed doors to change this world and take away your rights.
take a few minutes a day and watch the videos i post. i pick short ones so it doesnt take long to learn a few things. each day.
this blog turned from a training log to stop for laughs to a place to learn about the corrupt system most call freedom.


StupidBike said...

Corrupt system, yes, vast secret conspiracy to turn us all into automatons, unlikey.

Just because the info is on teh internets, does not make it true, actually it makes it more questionable.

I could post more, but I'm bore.

all of this has happened before, it will all happen again.

The answer is to live well and treat others well, end of lesson.

Team Rico said...
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Team Rico said...

I miss funny Fox. I can get doomsday anywhere. Bring back funny Fox!

Eat Sleep MTB said...

In 2005 my friends at work in Sonoma called me "Conspiracy Theory Todd". They also laughed in my face when I told them their Real Estate market was going to crash so sell now.

Bob, are you kidding, look around, most people are already automatons! I see them riding low profile tires on SUVs with big fly shades everyday. ;-)

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

so on one hand you say stuff on the web isnt true, then you point me to a website and say "look its not true"


snopes is a government website to make you believe its not happening. wait till 2010 time will tell.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

todd is right, what part of this life isnt an automaton?

go to an under funded grade/public school, pay 100k to get a proper edu, go on a mission, pay for it yourself, get married, have kids, get a "real job" get up early everyday, go to work, pay taxes, take 2 weeks off a year for vacation, work 9 to 5 till your 60 or 65, get pennies on the dollar if any in pension. die at 80.

wow nice life.

not for me.

not that there is anything wrong with that.

rbk45 said...

I get it, my eyes are open. its to you who tell the truth no matter who does not like it that we can know what the government is doing. thank you thank you!!!