Monday, February 05, 2007

seating a stans rim and thin wall tire

i spent the morning wasting my time blowing up a tire. i figured it out with the help of a pro. if you have ever tried seating the thin wall race tires to a no tubes rim you know what im talkin about. ritchey Z min 1.9 330 gram tire.

its a pain in the ass but i got a secret how to make it work, if you want to know email me.

im going to post the auction for my lifes crap tomorrow night. i will post the link here so you can check it out.

i hope some rich dude will buy it all now.

also when i give money away in slc i will tell you where and when so you can come get it.
probably the first time at gateway you have to catch it and fights will break out.
it will be cool.
tbird says if you get a cold to do this, doesnt sound fun. but he likes it.

its warm as st george today so im riding up all the canyons for 9 hrs.
st. george weds. who else is goin down
see ya on the trail

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