Tuesday, February 06, 2007

primetime doesnt crash

well thats what i tell myself. i dont know what the hell sager is talkin bout. he must of been dazed and confused about the wack speed and skill i was layin on the pavement.

ok really my wake up call is to slow down and not die. people tell me to wear a helmet all the time. i feel like telling them to F off. except for kday. hes too nice. i get the sweet heart message.
they like me and dont want me to die.

like spencer says my new name would be slur fox. rippin the dh ridin the edge of disaster. 1 mistake and my fun meter is non existant.

check out my new theme song, 50 in the house. ya, turn it up and shake it.
so im not going to wear a helmet but i will be careful.

yesterday i was ripping the dh on a twisty wet road. pinecrest, he watched my hit the 3 foot snow bank and slide a ways before momentum stopped.

it was fun, snow is soft.
lesson learned. ok i got lucky.
but im a fox not cat, and everyone remember sam k, from poki. he is so lucky.

just another day in the saddle for the green lantern. 4 hrs and 8,000 vertical.

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