Tuesday, February 06, 2007

bid now and win

you can buy my life here for $100,000.

buy yourself a golden fist on egay now.

st. george tomorrow. i think a lot of people i know are going to be around this weekend. well this guy, skinny and skinnier. gardie is going to let me shred the mtn trails friday with him and bp. that will be like watching turbo at wheeler. entertaining.

this is a big city, its spring like weather the last 3 days and people are out riding. so i go out and ride and see a lot of bikers, and some are friends. big deal right, well its like its a big city, timing is everything. see someone on the same road at the same time. well that amazes me. if you or them would have been 1 minute earlier or later the crossing would have never happened.

so yesterday was sandy and jrad.

today i got in 2.5. i started with mark and ed. then we passed ATRAIN. met up with the green lantern and headed over to millcreek.
then up emigration a little bit, oh then bryson shows up and sandy was at the top. it may sound trivial but it boggles me.

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