Thursday, February 01, 2007

i think i got soft

down south in the warm air. then come back to this arctic blast. i was up on the ridge and it was windy and cold. holy shit i froze my ass off. i barely got back alive. it was like death at 25 degrees. it took me 2 hours to warm up with the hot blanket. check out the snow drifts.

yaa im probably dehydrated and didnt wear the right coat. 1.5 hrs in the wind and it feels like 8 hrs in the pain cave. i dont feel right. i got to eat some soup.

im moving to cabo this place sucks.

ya i am dazed and confused.

Flowers draw bees just by standing there, and you draw attention just by existing. Revel in the attention. If, however, some of this buzzing gets more annoying than flattering, be sure to put up your boundaries.

Sticking with something you've resolved to do, even if it isn't that much fun anymore (or even if it has become quite difficult!), is sometimes necessary. Right now, you will benefit greatly from testing your steadfastness and seeing how long you can maintain your latest stab at having more self-discipline. You have an admirable reserve of willpower that you have never fully taken advantage of. It's all there waiting for you to discover

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