Saturday, February 03, 2007

i came up with a 100,000 dollar ebay idea

for those of you that dont personally know me this might sound crazy, stupid or just dumb.
but last night i was up late, looking at the wall. thinking of random things that i bet nobody else comes up with.
also if you dont know me, you can know this. i like to give money away to strangers.
i started out a few years ago at gateway throwing dollars off the top level to people walking by down below. it was a few hundred bucks a year, nothing crazy.

then i was driving around downtown giving it to people on the side walk.
some of them thought i was a crazy kidnapper trying to pull a scam on them and they ran off. others walked up to the car and took it.
then i thought what if i had like a lot more money to give away. like 100 dollar bills instead of 1 dollar bills.

i think about how i can get all this money and give it away to just random people walking around in their life doing normal things. not expecting anything..

then i came up with this ebay idea to sell everything i own on the auction. its for everything. they get it all. van, bikes, clothes, couch, bed, skis, you know.

the whole ball of wax
well i do own about 50,000 in bikes and parts so i think its worth it to whoever has the extra money.
but then the reason comes up why would someone want all my useless crap?
well then i tell them im going to donate 50 grand of it to 500 different people over something like 10 major USA cities.
go to these cities and just walk around handing out 100 dollar bills to people. that would be fun and maybe the rich dude kicking down the 100 large wouldnt care about his cash if i was giving half of it away.
then i would buy a new bike and kit so i could race next weekend.
then i will live in tuff shed like dave wood.

im trying to simplify my life.

im working on the auction and it will be done and posted by tuesday.
when its done i will post it so everyone can see it and maybe some rich dude will buy all my crap and we can drive around giving his money away.

thats my idea, i think it will work.


Anonymous said...

we sent your blog link and idea to dave letterman and ellen . . . maybe you'll luck out and get a little national coverage to up the anti on your life's worth of stuff.

g's from bama

Anonymous said...

Please let me know when and where you are giving away the money. Chuck

Anonymous said...

sly, I'm guessing after you've given it a little more thought it's maybe not sounding like such the great idea....just a hunch.

Trevor said...

Instead of giving your money away to random people consider giving your money to local rider shayne steel. He was riding in a skate park and crashed hitting his head. He was wearing a helment but still suffered severe brain damage. He did not have insurance when this happens so now his family is trying to pay for his surgerys. Just a thought.

slyfox said...

i dont know shane or trevor. contact info would help.

Anonymous said...

ha ha! so this is exactly why I love you so much! your so random! lol good luck with that I hope it works for you, it would be wicked sweet knowing my brother is doing what he loves best and helping people at the same time! :)