Saturday, February 03, 2007

racing at 15 degrees

a fox followed by a wolf

ya it was frozen. icy, rutted and slick.

short recap of the cold pig.

bart by 1 mile.
sager by 1 foot.
sly takes 3rd.

glad for the great turn out. i think about 100 crazy mtn bikers showed up.

i hate getting up early, racing early and being cold. we all know that. so i need a nap. pics later.
thats all i got for ya

oh ya mike hanseen has a 7 foot big screen and is having a super bowl party at his house he said to email me if you want to come. then i will give you the address.

time to pig out
finish on pavement?? this was not rmr.


UtRider said...

Not a bad podium! Are you three going to race 24 hours of OP in a couple of weeks together?

drrna said...

You're not wearing shorts! What up?