Sunday, October 08, 2006

570 days in a row

ya thats how many days ago it was that i last had a cold. march 2005. i figured out a fool proof plan on how to catch the common cold.

1. travel in a major airport through 2 time zones
2. dont eat anything but doritos and candy for 2 days
3. dont drink any water, just coke or nothing. i hate airport bathrooms, and on planes too.
4. stay at your friends house with 2 kids sleep on the couch, no privacy and only sleep for 2 or 3 hour intervals at a time, get up at 3am and drive in traffic.
5. stand outside in the cold for 4 or 5 hours with a chill.
6. stress out about not having a bike or that you have 3 days to kill in unfamiliar territory.

mix up any 3 of these or all 6 like i did and wake up with a sore throat and later in the day a stuffy nose.

last night i slept on the couch with 3 other guys, some on the floor, snoring and sawing logs all night. my ear plugs went MIA around 2am and so im laying there with chainsaws 2 feet away from me. im going out to the car, tried sleeping in the front seat for 4 more hours but got cold. then went back up to the couch for an hour before dale and his brothers family left for sunday school.

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, party on. im leavin new jersey and i went to ellis island and watched some runners do laps around over by the hudson. they were hatin it and some looked like death. probably just like me.

it was a warm sunny day here in the big apple and i didnt do a damn thing. i got a room at jfk and slept for most the afternoon. now i get to watch tv for the next 12 hrs before i leave at 5am for slc.

i cant wait to get back, i should have left here yesterday and the last 24 hrs seem like a week.
i dont feel like taking a train to the city. jfk is like 2 hrs from p diddy and trumps house anyway.
so they can come see my fat pad on 500 east next time they want to hit the slopes.

i will be up all night im sure so somebody call me.

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