Sunday, October 29, 2006

yesterday was a blur

today i can watch in my mind all the crazy hectic things that happened in a 24 hr time frame.
i went to bz's house last night. he was doin shots of somethin with climb-um and AROCK. bobby had some nice hoots and let me cop a feel.

yaaa get wasted its time to party. good costumes, kid rock was in the house. jones with a curly wig. i heard the mop was racing yesterday at RMR. i wasnt around to see it. too bad, but maybe he will come to wheeler next sat.

im racing tonight under the lights in farmington. i owe ali g and ATRAIN an ass whoopin.

maybe kday will show up. also kday has all the sweet pics from last night so check it out. i was tired and had to bail early.

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