Monday, October 30, 2006

not feelin so snappy

i dont think i like this short day light thing. i like to ride later in the day and now thats not working. its cold and the sun is gone. i lost my power. i got my ass kicked last night. sager was drilling it on the flats and i didnt see who won, i went home early with my hopes dashed in the cow pits.
i wonder if ali finished this time. i didnt, so all i can say is i felt bad, spent 3 days with no riding i dont know but thats it. i rode about 2 hrs today, it was sunny but cold. it will get colder. im moving a bunch of bike parts across the street and i dont have much time for anything, shipping riding, sleeping, eating. traveling and racing, recovering takes a lot of time. then i got no time to watch mtv.

it wouldnt matter anyway. comcast sucks the big one and has not worked for 3 days. they dont know why or when it will be fixed. suck it!!!!!

im doing 3 hrs a day for the next 3 days then see if that makes me hammer on sunday.

church of the big ring at wheeler farm.
bring some bread for the ducks.

sager explains to me how to jump this run up. he then promptly dropped me. thanks jay.

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