Monday, October 23, 2006

one of those mondays

i say mondays are better than fridays. today im wondering why its not sounding that good. so many idiots driving around getting im my way. im goin to start crackin skulls.

how can so many god damn idiots live in a town and drive like 16 yr olds. its not hard to figure out how to turn or merge or step on it.

im at my limit and my arm hurts.

i do have my legs and im not in a wheel chair. i can ride all day if i want. its nice out , its over 60 degrees.

so i went out for about an hour, im tired and lethargic. yesterday was nice also. i rode about 1/2 hr. im sore, my arm hurts, my calf muscles are jacked. im tired and hungry.

bitch and moan is what i should label this story.

so if you see me around tell me to get off the soap box cuz my friend told me today my life doesnt really suck and i shouldnt be complaining about morons.

im goin to denver friday so i wont be racing, i want to race but i got to get some goods at the veloswap.

i'll be back for bachelor blakes halloween party sat. night. its goin to be a rager. if you want to go you have to email bz here. or if you already know him just show up.

hes a high roller livin up above eagle ridge in btown with climb-um and susy at the north east training compound.

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