Tuesday, October 24, 2006

i stole this from t-bird

its a great pic of the hoes down in zion. ho-made pies. i wonder if they have cherry pie? i tell all my hoes i have hoes in different area codes, so this hoe is down in my 435 code. dont be hatin, be appreciatin.

so here is a debate, ho or hoe. julie says this is a hoe, well i call it a dirty hoe.
but here is the real ho

yesterday i was riding and i came up on this guy.

its not a close up very good, i should have gotten in from the front. i was in stealth mode. this guy as pushing a snow blower in the bike lane in rose park with the bike on top.

here he is takin a breather.

oh ya and whats the website, the kitlers? hitler cat look a likes. kitlers.com or some shit
i found this one over in south jordan.

tree farm destroys the east coast cross races, undefeated. bart laps me and tree farm puts 5 mins on bg in an hour. at least the tree farm can get in the top 20 in a world cup. while sven puts 5 to 8 mins on him.

go figure.

ya this is a long post, im feeling spry.

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Mistress Julie said...

You still have it incorrect. A "hoe" is something you use in your garden. You have lots of gardens. A "ho" is what you really mean.

One day, you'll get it grasshopper. One day...