Friday, October 20, 2006

cyclo cross 17 pounds of fury

i finished biking off today, got the thing dialed. its not even tricked out yet and its 17 lbs. that stock fork is heavy. get me a titanium one and save a pound right there.

damn im smooth.

now just get the power going for tomorrow, hoping for a top 5 or beating ALI--G, and i will be happy. also hoping the bike holds together. nothin like a virgin ride on some new wheels. i have to learn how to jump this thing and steer it like the scalpel.

a few hot laps and it should be fine.

i rode 2.5 hrs yesterday, some at night. i was drafting hummers and SUV's down in sandy, my legs are tired. i need a nap. ive been up since 5am.

got to get this act together for the smack down.

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