Saturday, October 21, 2006

i feel like a spaz

at rmr cx today it wasnt pretty. that mud hill steep run up should have been ridable. i look like a beginner trying to find my pedals and falling on my ass in ankle deep slime. i bet that was entertaining.

1st lap crashing into spanring and sager something stabbed my arm and i couldnt feel it for an hour. now its all seized up and im hurtin.

i should take a pic but its grossing me out. maybe not the cut isnt so bad its the bruised muscle deep pectoral and bicep, its killing me.

the new bike was ok, i cant complain other than the wreck.
i got 7th and im not ok with that since bart lapped me. that is depressing.
im going to go to sleep now.

i dont have any pics and im tired so too bad for all of you.
besides its better to watch the race live so next time come out and yell at us. i wont be in town next week so you have to wait until november. aaron jordin did the trip the barrier head first into the 2nd barrier and ripped his ear off like mike tyson. pretty ugly, but kept on truckin. thats impressive.

results are here, you can see all the guys who smoked me.


jsager said...

that cluster of crashing in the off camber mud was classic. i've never seen so many people upside down.

AJ said...

Nice job Saturday. It was fun racing with you until I so gracefully dismounted, with out actually dismounting and plowed my head into the barrier. The ear did survive, but my pride was bruised.
It's been 2 years since I've raced 'cross. I forgot how fast the fast guys are. Tons of fun, but it sure hurts!

ali goulet said...

nice bike, don't be sad when you don't beat me this year-Ali