Tuesday, October 17, 2006

its all mirrors

next time you hear someone ripping on someone else or on anything else think about this.
they are criticizing themselves.

everyone you know or see around your life is there because of you.

its not an accident you met up with some jackass on the freeway and got in a fight, or the girl who hates you for calling all the time asking for a date, or the guy at work who never shuts up, asks stupid questions and follows you around all day.

yes you made this happen, its for a reason. they are there to slap your ass awake and say "take a look in the mirror"

once you change yourself these annoying people will go away and more of the people you like will magically appear.

so you have airline problems?
car issues?
bike doesnt work?
got fired?
your wife hates you?

go look in the mirror and fix yourself. nobody else is going to do it and they cant anyway so listen to me and try it out.

i did it and it works, i know others who did it and we are proof.

stop hating everyone because you really hate some part of yourself.

the critical voice in your head is your best friend and your worst enemy. learn to hang up the phone on this jackass and stop being so hard on yourself.

and remember everything you see beauty in is a reflection of yourself, it doesnt matter if its a person, tree, dog, car, bike whatever. ask yourself what you like about that and thats what you like about yourself. if you didnt have these qualities you wouldnt be able to see it in others.

start there and its easy.

5 days ago i posted a hit counter at the bottom of the page, i should have done this in april so i am lame.

in 5 days its up to 500 hits.

thanks for reading

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