Sunday, March 23, 2008

selling your sheeeaaat

i read something somewhere that the average american has at least $1200 worth of sellable junk in their house that they dont use.

im not talking furniture or big heavy items i mean small knick knacks or sports equipment.

a few weeks ago i cleaned out my apartment, i gave a few big boxes of stuff away at the bike swap and i still had a lot of bike junk, stuff like
used cogs
used tires
used chains

parts worth nothing, missing pieces and old used ripped clothing

used bibs
used tubes
used spokes

used everything.

its junk i pick up at bike swaps in big buy outs from shops, its not stuff i want. it just comes with the deal. they dont want it and give it to me.

so i sold all of it for around $2000 on the internet. they bought it all,

if you have a box of junk just post it on the internet with a title "box of junk buy it now i dont want it"

people will laugh and bid on it. then charge them $20 for shipping and they want your crap.

stuff you think is worthless is worth good money to someone, you just have to sell it.

if you dont want to then thats a whole other story and why you should sell it all to me.
i cleaned out some friends garages in my day. paid them a flat rate for a big pile of shit. theyre happy, im ok with it, i sell it and make profit for my gravy train life style.

see how that works

if you dont want to cash in on your own junk then sell it to me.

bike broker sly

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